When I was in high school and college, my sister and I kept a quote book.  It was full of things people around us said that--when taken out of context--were hilarious.  It wasn't where I thought it was in our house (although I did find some old journals, and oh my, super embarrassing), so maybe it's at my parents' house.  If I can track it down, I'll share some of the better ones in a future post.

It seems like we constantly have hilarious interactions in our home and I'm always sad when I can't remember them later.  Last week I decided to start trying to write them down and make them into a blog post.  So, here we go...

At dinner--
Me: Cliff, what would you like to drink?
Cliff:  Pepsi.  And 28 Dos Equis.

A "Finley is two" moment--
Eating spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, Finley would only eat his meatballs if they were cut into fourths and served in a tiny ice cube tray out of our mini fridge.

In passing (can't remember what I was really wishing for)--
Me:  I wish...
Cliff:  You had married better?

Another "Finley is two" moment--
Finley insisted on sleeping the entire night with his brush clutched in one hand and his comb clutched in the other.

After all of Cliff's hunting gear was stolen out of our truck in our driveway, and several annoyances at work, Cliff won a DWI case and we received a call that the Sheriff believed our items had been recovered and suspects were in custody--
Me:  Well life is improving greatly!
Cliff:  Baby, life improved greatly when I married you.
{Ha. Ha. Ha.}

Another "Finley is two" moment--
In a meltdown moment, Finley could only be consoled by being able to hold a toy tow truck. (And the meltdown did not involve the toy tow truck so this concerns me a little about his future career endeavors.  Probably more so because Cliff and Jacob often hope that Finley grows up to own a salvage yard.)

Out of nowhere--
Cliff: I want to do a twit.
Me: As in "an obnoxious little twit"?
Cliff:  No, as in that bird thing everyone is doing.
{Turns out he was referring to Twitter.}
(I really wish I had asked him what he wanted to "twit" because I'm sure it was a doozy.)

After I mentioned something about Finley's box of musical instruments/toys, which Cliff plays with a-LOT  (he's really good at playing the d*** recorder by ear)--
Cliff:  That box of music toys should really be mine, not Finley's.

I'll leave you with these entertaining videos.  Just ignore our disaster of a house.  And Cliff's overalls.  And Finley not wearing pants.  And then join me in concern that this terrible music really moves Finley to dance.

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