My dad is one of nine children, which means I have twenty-four cousins (including spouses and significant others), nine second cousins (I actually think it's first cousins, once-removed, but I'm not going to look it up right now) three foreign exchange students that seemed like cousins when they were here, and probably some other stray relations here or there.  So, when there's an event on that side of the family, it's big and it's fun.
About a month ago, we had one of those events.  (I started this post just after, and am just now getting around to finishing it...)  My aunt Lisa, the youngest of my dad's siblings got married!  And if there's one big event that my family does well, it's wedding receptions.
I don't think the live band had ever seen a group the likes of us.  We danced from the first beat of the first song until the last beat of the last song.  And when I say "we" I mean everyone from my 84 year old grandmother down to my 2 year old cousin.  All that dancing goes will with a lot of drinking, too...from my 84 year old grandmother down to...well, no need to have DFS called right now.  Some of my favorite memories are from our family wedding receptions, and they always end with our clapping circle or lane for each individual to show off their moves one last time before the music ends.
We are extremely busy around our house, but I hope to be back to posting more soon.  Until then, here's a bit of evidence of a great time.

 Or, maybe DFS will be called after all...