I know, I know.  I've been MIA again.  We took off for a few days to a cabin in the lake, which meant playing catch up when we got back, then Cliff had to have a tooth pulled, meanwhile we're tearing down our old garage and building a new one, while we're also in the middle of a complete yard makeover, plus I'm a bridesmaid in my aunt's wedding this weekend which means I'm nose-to-the-grindstone editing a rehearsal dinner video of the couple this week among many other things, and on top of it all, we're trying to plan a big backyard party for June!  We are past 10 on the insane-o-meter.  And I'm about to lose my mind.

Although I have some office work I should be doing today, sweet Cliff insisted I stay home to continue video edits and then go for some hair help at the salon later.  (It didn't sound insulting when he insisted it, I swear.)  So, I'm glued to the computer blogging and facebooking in movie-making today, but wanted to let you know I am still here.

So, to keep you entertained, here's a very short and fun blog for the day:

Here's an obvious difference between men and women (besides the fact that I have no desire to put 96% of the things I come in contact with up to my private parts.)

Cliff found this on the laundry room floor:

And he asked, "What's this little collar for?"

I had a good laugh when I showed him that it belonged to this: