It has been a few weeks since my last post because I've been waiting around to grab pictures for this one.  The bonus is, you get several Mason jar/handprint projects in one post, so let's agree that will make up for the missed weeks...yeah, that sounds good...
Grandparents' Day was a few weeks ago.  Grandparents have been so important to Finley, so we always celebrate with a homemade gift.  This year, we made our annual handprint gift for Finn's grandparents.  This one was super simple.

I had already painted these Mason jars a flat gray.  I actually used spray paint instead of chalk paint just to experiment and it worked really well.  Then, we added Finley's handprint in white (which he loves to do now) and painted on his name and the year (which I didn't love to do because I had a horrible brush.)  Doesn't his hand look huge now?  It looked so much bigger on the jar than it does in real life.
In 2014 we did a clay footprint and handprint in a shadow box.  I bought specific clay for making handprint and footprint keepsakes and they have not held up, which makes me so sad because those newborn hands and feet were SO tiny and adorable.
In 2015 we did a handprint flower pot.

One other handprint gift we've done is this tea towel, which is probably my favorite.

So those Mason jar DIYs required Finley's help.  This one went much smoother without his help.
You need:
a board (you can use an old board or stain and distress a new board).
I actually used a weathered board we saved from the original garage that was here, which we tore down to build our current garage/shop.
large hose clamps
Mason jars
a drill
a screwdriver
hanging wire

I started by measuring out and marking where I wanted my jars to hang on the board.

Then go ahead and measure, mark, and attach your hanging wire on the back.  It's easier to do this now than to try to do it after you have your jars on the board.

Then drill a hole and screw the hose clamps into place.  Cliff had to drill a hole through the clamps too.  For some reason, I was completely incapable of doing that.  I fought and fought with the drill and those clamps and finally gave up and got help.  Then Cliff made it look so easy. 

Then add your jars and tighten the clamps with a screwdriver. 

Then hang it and fill the jars! 

We added ours above our changing station in the bathroom and I love how it turned out.
(By the way, that changing pad is one of my favorite baby purchases.  It is completely wipeable, so you're never washing a pad cover, plus it's made in the USA.) 

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